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Rehabs for women near Stockton, California

Searching for a rehab for women near you in Stockton, California? Learn more about a drug and alcohol recovery for women that offers inpatient and outpatient addiction therapy. At The Light House Women’s Recovery Center in Fresno, CA women receive hope, help, and healing at this caring residential home for women, as well as vital job and relationship training.

Finding a real solution for a woman struggling with addiction in Stockton , California can seem tough. But at The Light House Women’s Recovery Center’s residential home in CA, you or your loved one can achieve sobriety, embrace independence, and live free from drugs and alcohol while you learn to meet life’s demands.

This drug and alcohol recovery for women provides addicted women in Stockton, California the comprehensive support system they need and important life-skills training. At this secure, home-like residential home for women, she becomes able to abstain from drugs and alcohol and live her new life filled with hope, purpose and meaning.

Other drug and alcohol recovery for women may only offer short-term therapy without addressing the root issues behind a woman’s addictions. Broken and abandoned women often cover their pain with alcohol or drugs. But at The Light House residential home for women, addicts experience healing by embracing God’s love, mercy, forgiveness and restoration, they become shining lights to the world around them.

The Light House Women’s Recovery Center in Fresno, CA equips struggling women addicts with quality family life, education and employment–balanced around the core focus of sobriety and faith in God.

The Light House Women’s Recovery Center provides a safe place to undergo qualified, licensed individual and group therapy each week. The evidence-based treatment helps them heal body, mind and spirit. Our licensed therapists also introduce each woman to family & relationship therapy to help her restore bonds with family and friends, and live to serve others in Stockton, California.

At this rehab for women program in Fresno, CA, women learn new skills, reach higher goals and grow in their personal relationship with one another and with God. This drug and alcohol recovery for women delivers new understanding, and changes the entire perspective of addicted women.

Drug and Alcohol Recovery for WomenSince 2007, addicted women at The Light House drug and alcohol recovery for women realize a safe place to learn who they are and how to form healthy relationships with others. That’s why we include Christ-centered studies and curriculum as well as supportive mentors for each woman. They experience total freedom through Christ and receive a new path forward as a child of God. Even women caught up in the agony of addiction realize that Christ’s redeeming love changes who they are–now and forever.

Individuals at the Light House rehab for women do more than beat their substance abuse – they also receive vocational training for future success.

Out-patient women enrolled in this Fresno, CA rehab for women receive access to a work program at one of The Light-House retail sites including a coffee house, a Light House thrift store, and the LightWEAR enterprise. And at this drug and alcohol recovery for women they’ll also have access to GED courses and testing. Plus, vocational training and office skills prepares addicted women for success in the future as hard-working leaders of society in Stockton, California – on the job, and at home.

Aftercare for those who complete the rehab for women includes housing at the Bridge apartments. Here, transformed women—and their children—can live together, while we help them save up for future home ownership.

Discover this program’s prominent success rate for long-term drug and alcohol recovery for women today! Call (559) 222-4824 to see how we can help you or complete the submission form at our residential home for women Light-House website, https://www.lhrecovery.org.

Consider how The Light House rehab for women can lift you or your loved one out of addiction. Why wait until it’s too late? Hear more about the healing process and caring support this residential home for women offers struggling addicts in Stockton, California. This is the perfect time to choose the safest, most reliable in-patient and out-patient rehab for women in Fresno, CA for lasting recovery, work skills and experience. Call (559) 222-4824 now!